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Product Details
AirCat 1/2 Compact Impact Plus 3/8ths High Torque Palm Grip
1295 ft lbs Loosening Torque & 80 ft lbs for the 3/8ths
#AC1295XL1320 | Other products by AirCat
Shipping Weight: 8.0 pounds.
Popularity Rating: 230
Manufacturer Website: http://

Our Price: $199.00

1/2 Composite Impact with 1295 ft lbs losening torque

Only 6.6" so compact size gets into tight places

Full power in a smaller body

Silencing technology

One hand Unique " one click" Fwd/Rev

Only 4.6 lbs


3/8ths Palm grip with 80 ft lbs torque

Smalles in the industry at only 1.1 lbs & 5.4" long

Unique swivel at back of tool instead of hanging down allows for operator to get into even smaller places

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