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Product Details
Kiene Wheel Grabber- USA Made
#KIK1350 | Other products by Kiene
Shipping Weight: 142.0 pounds.
Popularity Rating: 1175
Manufacturer Website: http://

Our Price: $1,495.00

Wheel Grabber


Makes quick work of removing seized wheels on heavy duty trucks, buses and the Ford Super Duty without damage to the wheel or the mechanic.


  • Three pulling points provide an even pull to remove the most stubborn wheel
  • Includes a set of three pulling chains and one hub socket
  • Effective on steel or aluminum wheels, on drive, steer or trailer axles


Ships 3 boxes UPS

(33x16x4)  54 lbs

(25x18x9)  50 lbs

(12x12x7)  38 lbs



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