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Aerovent 1X Aerosol Can & Disposal System
With counter
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AeroVent® 1X quickly punctures and drains single aerosol cans, reducing the cost of hazardous waste disposal by allowing the can to be recycled. It is now compliant in all 50 states, featuring a built-in cycle counter and the all new Safe2Vent™ filter with Viz-a-Ball™  check indicator that complies with EPA, OSHA and California regulations.


Single Can system- close the lid with the handle/clamp. This automatically seals the chamber and punctures the aerosol can at the same time.

Wait until the SAFE2VENT filter Viz-a-Ball stops bouncing ( 5 to 30 seconds) this indicates the system has been depressurized and is safe to open.

Open the lid and remove the cans. It is that simple! Now the aerosol can may be disposed of or sold as recyclable metal


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