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Tiger Tool Hydraulic Wheel Stud Service Kit
#TG10608 | Other products by Tiger Tool
Shipping Weight: 45.0 pounds.
Popularity Rating: 7896
Notice: This product ships by truck.
Manufacturer Website: http://

Our Price: $1,789.00

Provides fast and effective removal and installation of even the most seized wheel studs.

·         Remove and install 10 studs in only 10-15 minutes.

·         Eliminates risk of damage to hubs, seals, wheel bearings and wheel studs.

·         10 tons of pressing power.

·         Rigid steel press frame.

·         Increased safety from accurate installations.

·         Interchangeable adapters for maximum flexibility.

·         Removal of the hub is not required.

For use on drum brakes.

Requires 10,000 PSI hydraulic pump.


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